Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dinner date at Movida Sydney

I'd been dying to head to Movida since it opened in Sydney. I'm a massive fan of tapas (especially since eating it in Barcelona earlier this year). Who doesn't love the idea of getting to eat lot's of tasty bites from many dishes instead of just a few. I've always been a more the merrier type of girl, I'm inclusive that way you see.

Running the marathon produced the perfect reason for me to be taken to dinner. If Mr had not thought that running for nearly four hours straight was something he should reward with food then I would have probably questioned how well he knew me after all this time.

Since this is a busy time of year, I happened to have a work Christmas function beforehand and had to be on my best behaviour- there was no chance I was going to turn up to dinner drunk and not remember the food. As it was I managed to leave the work function in an orderly manner and met Mr at the Surry Hills Little Darling bar and had a pre drink. Then it was time for Movida.

I loved the space as soon as we walked it. Concrete, edgy and the place was buzzing without being overly packed. Our waiter guided us to a table and the beginning of friendly and prompt service began.

I had already studied the drinks menu and felt the best option was Sangria- when in Rome and all that. This turned out to be a pretty great option. As our waitress later remarked- "this seems to be an endless bottle…" as she poured yet another glass for us.  It really seemed to last us all through out our dinner. It was also very refreshing to drink and one of the best Sangria's I've had. It didn't have that cheap wine taste nor was it overly sweet. They kept our glasses topped with ice as well so each glass was chilled.

We studied the menu and ordered what we thought would carry us for our first wave of food but the waitress said that would probably be enough (I was convinced we'd need more or was it that I wanted to think we could eat more?).

They then bought out thick sliced crusty bread with a great tasting olive oil. I'm no expert when it comes to olive oil but this was a fantastic quality and tasted so fresh and light. The bread was also a welcome addition to the table given our first dish.

We ordered one of the specials of the day Mussels in a tomato broth with chorizo. We loved the fat juicy mussels which filled the bowl, the spicy chorizo and both wanted to sip the broth straight from the bowl (well I did Mr has better table manners then me). The bread came in handy as we used it to soak up the delicious broth and savour it all the more.

In the mean time the croquetas de jam on iberico had arrived. I had been told by a work colleague these were the must order item on the menu. They were quite small and being that I'm not a massive fan of deep fried goods one was enough for me but you might want to order two per person. The outside was crisp and created a beautiful shell to crunch into. As you broke open the croquetas you were hit by the soft inside texture of smooth cheese and chunks of ham. Each bite delivered the perfect combination of texture and taste and I had to agree it was a winner.

Next the Confit Potatoes with Spicy Bravas Sauce arrived, each looking like a cute little canapĂ© all lined up ready to eat. We dived in and found a crisp outside and a wonderful sauce to match the salted potato.

We are massive fans of duck. It's pretty safe to say if it appears on a menu Mr will order it (I am much the same with seafood- hence the mussels). As such as soon as we spied the Crispy Duck Leg Braised in Moscatel Wine, Served with Pickled Cabbage it was a must order for us. The duck was wonderfully cooked and fell off the bone as I sliced in. I ensured I took my first mouthful with a mix of the pickled cabbage and the duck. They really worked will together. The duck was sweet and had a cinnamon taste, the pickled cabbage was a tad sour but it was in such a way as you thought it would grow stronger in sourness but stopped at a light point never getting too much. This was a real delight for me and I had to be mindful of ensuring I only had half and actually shared it with Mr.

It was at this point we realised that we were probably on our way to being full and could not in fact order another wave of food- we simply didn't have the room for more amazing dishes. Oh dear… but we decided that there would have to be at least room for a shared dessert. I told Mr he had to decide what we had as I would only have a mouthful (like that was ever going to be what I actually did) and he went for the classic churros con chocolate aka Spanish donuts with dipping chocolate.

These were surprising light which made them very easy to eat. We found them to be another great mix of the crisp and soft texture combination. The dipping sauce was a fun way to eat them and it was a cute way to finish our dinner.

I think it's safe to say from my above remarks that we LOVED Movida. We are already trying to figure out when we can go back. What surprised us most was how affordable we found it. We spent around $125 for the two of us. I know this is not a cheap eats but when eating at a two hat restaurant I think that's pretty amazing. 

What probably helped us was having Sangria instead of a bottle of wine and perhaps since there were only two of us we couldn't get more dishes to share around. Also, we did avoid the expensive single serve items and jumped right into the dishes that had a larger portion size.  (I'm glad we found it reasonable because it means we'll try and get back there ASAP!)

Please note- that as my phone decided to die just before going in for dinner I have sourced my images from some other wonderful blogs that have taken the time to review their own experiences- check them out as well:

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